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New product entries by Invertrain Model Railways in the last 3 months. Website: . Email:

Product groupProduct CategorySub categoryOriginating CompanyDiagramCatalogue referenceProduct description
DMU/EMU/RailcarsComponents%Lancashire & Yorkshire WMR046Wayoh L&Y 6ft 6in. Hughes Railmotor Trailer Bogies
DMU/EMU/RailcarsComponents%Southern WMR016Wayoh SR EMU Type A Bogies
DMU/EMU/RailcarsComponents%Southern WMR021Wayoh SR EMU Type B Bogies
DMU/EMU/RailcarsComponents%Southern WMR024Wayoh SR Electric Pullman Bogies
DMU/EMU/RailcarsComponents%British Railways WMR037Wayoh Blue Pullman Dummy Power Bogies
DMU/EMU/RailcarsComponents%British Railways WMR038Wayoh Blue Pullman Dummy Trailing Bogies
CoachesComponentsBogies (inc. motor bogies)Lancashire & Yorkshire WMR045Wayoh L&Y 6ft 6in. Stock Railmotor Trailer Bogies
DMU/EMU/RailcarsComponents%British Railways WMR047Wayoh 8ft 6in. BR DMU Motor Bogie
DMU/EMU/RailcarsComponents%Southern WMR048Wayoh 8ft 9in. SR/BR EMU Motor Bogie
DMU/EMU/RailcarsComponents%% WMR049Wayoh 7ft Motor Bogie - no sideframes
DMU/EMU/RailcarsComponents%British Railways WMR050Wayoh 9ft 6in Blue Pullman Motor Bogie
DMU/EMU/RailcarsComponents%British Railways WMR051Wayoh 9ft 6in Blue Pullman Motor Bogie
DMU/EMU/RailcarsComponents%% WMR050Wayoh 8ft 6in Motor Bogie (No Sideframes)
CoachesComponentsBogies (inc. motor bogies)Lancashire & Yorkshire WMR052Wayoh L&Y 10ft Outside Frame Bogies
CoachesComponentsBogies (inc. motor bogies)London & South Western WMR053Wayoh LSWR 8ft American Bogies
CoachesComponentsBogies (inc. motor bogies)London & South Western WMR054Wayoh LSWR 8ft Fox Bogies
CoachesComponentsOther body components internalLondon & North Eastern SF008LNER Buffet Car Seats (2 single seats & table)
CoachesComponentsOther body components internal% SE009LNER Buffet car car seats (2 double seats & table)