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New product entries by Lochgorm Kits in the last 3 months. Website: . Email:

Product groupProduct CategorySub categoryOriginating CompanyDiagramCatalogue referenceProduct description
Locomotives - steamKits%Highland Railway HR7-L7Highland Railway 'Wee Ben' 4-4-0.
Locomotives - steamKits%Highland Railway HR7-L8H.R. 4-4-0T Nos 51, 52 & 54
Locomotives - steamKits%Highland Railway HR7-L9H.R. Drummond Dornoch 0-4-4T
Locomotives - steamKits%Highland Railway HR7-L10H.R. Drummond 0-6-4T Banking engine
CoachesKits%%66HRC 18H.R. Diagram 66 TPO
Non-passenger coaching stockKits%Highland Railway39HR7-C21H.R. D39 4 wheeled Mail Van
CoachesKits%Highland Railway58AHR7-C22H.R.Duke of Sutherland’s Small Saloon 58A
CoachesKits%Highland Railway31HR7-C23H.R. Drummond D 31 third Brake
CoachesKits%Highland Railway17HR7-C24H.R. Drummond D17 Luggage Composite
Non-passenger coaching stockKits%Highland Railway45HR7-C26H.R. Diagram 45 Post Office Van
CoachesKits%Highland Railway18HR7-C27H.R. Drummond D18 Composite
CoachesKits%Highland Railway51HR7-C28H.R. Drummond D51 Composite
Non-passenger coaching stockComponents%Highland Railway HR7-CA5H.R. TPO Net Apparatus and Roof Lights
WagonsKits%Highland Railway47HR7 - W9 H.R. Diagram 47 Open Carriage Truck, requires 3’7” maunsell wheels to complete
WagonsKits%Highland Railway46HR7 - W10 H.R. Diagram 46 Horsebox, requires 3’7” Maunsell wheels to complete
WagonsKits%Highland Railway6HR7 - W11 H.R. Diagram 6 or 16 *ton Open Wagon: requires 3’2” 8 spoke wheels to complete.
WagonsKits%Highland Railway HR7 - W 12Covered van needs 3’2” 8 spoke wheels
WagonsKits%Highland Railway29HR7-W13H.R. Luggage Van needs 3’8” Mansell wheels to complete
WagonsKits%Highland Railway5\HR7 - W 14 H.R. Diagram 5 Mineral Wagon needs 3’8” 8 spoke wheels
WagonsKits%Highland Railway10HR7 - W 15 H.R. Diagram 10 Mineral Wagon needs 3’1” 8 spoke wheels