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New product entries by Radley Models in the last 3 months. Website: . Email:

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TramwaysTramway vehicles%%  1/43rd scale resin kit of a Glasgow Round Dash Standard tram. A thousand built from 1898 onwards and rebuilt and modified many times over the next 63 years. This kit produces the Phase 4 [final] variant as operated from the mid-30s to the early -60s. No two "standard trams" eventually would be quite alike. This is an unmotorised kit which includes parts to produce an unmotorised truck. However it is also designed to accept [without modification] a motorised 4-wheel truck available additionally from Many lost wax detailing parts which could be available separately if there is demand. Not designed for other than two rail pick-up though a L/W brass bow collector and springs is included. A *.pdf of the instruction sheet is available from our website. If building the kit as an unmotorised static model, then we recommend that you buy two axles of 4mm wheels from Alan Gibson. Full details of these options will be found in the instruction sheets.