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New product entries by Rumney Models in the last 3 months. Website: . Email:

Product groupProduct CategorySub categoryOriginating CompanyDiagramCatalogue referenceProduct description
WagonsComponentsBody FittingsPrivate Owner OA.07United Dairies GWR/SR Milk Tank Platforms
WagonsComponentsBody FittingsPrivate Owner OA.08 SR/GWR Platform construction jig
WagonsComponentsBody FittingsPrivate Owner OA.21A United Dairies Milk Tank Plates – Type A. The more common type of the two. Suitable for most United Dairies milk tanks in the 1950s and some post 1959.
WagonsComponentsBody FittingsPrivate Owner A.21B United Dairies Milk Tank Plates – Type B. The less common type of the two. Suitable for some United Dairies milk tanks in the 1950s and post 1959.
WagonsComponentsBody FittingsPrivate Owner A.22 Unigate Milk Tank Plates – As fitted to large numbers of United Dairies, Aplin & Barrett and Cow & Gate milk tanks post 1959.
WagonsComponentsBody FittingsPrivate Owner OA.23 Express Dairy Milk Tank Plates – As fitted to large numbers of Express Dairy milk tanks.
WagonsComponentsBody FittingsLondon Midland & Scottish OB.92 Tarpaulin Bar Detailing – For BR/LMS open wagons with corrugated steel ends. Both early and late types are included. Sufficient parts for two wagons. Wire for the bar is required.
WagonsComponentsBody FittingsBritish Railways OB.109 Grampus Detailing – A pair of detailed baskets, door springs and end steps.
WagonsComponentsChassis FittingsRailway Clearing House OB.110 RCH 12’ Lifting Link Brakegear Detailing – A general purpose detailing fret. Includes 12’ brakegear, vees, brake levers, lifting links & two types of lever guards. Also 21T hopper door handles & end steps and mineral wagon door springs.
WagonsComponentsChassis FittingsBritish Railways OB.111 21T Vacuum Braked Hopper Detailing – All the bits specific to the vacuum brakegear on 21T hoppers. Includes vacuum cylinder brackets, brake links and lamp irons.
CoachesComponentsBogies (inc. motor bogies)British Railways OE.02 8’6” BR Mk1 Commonwealth Coach Bogies – To order only. A fully sprung single bolster coach bogie in 7mm scale. Includes provision for 7mm finescale and Scale 7 wheelsets. Etch only. Sideframes are required.