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New product entries by Walsall Model Industries in the last 3 months. Website: . Email:

Product groupProduct CategorySub categoryOriginating CompanyDiagramCatalogue referenceProduct description
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersLondon Midland & Scottish 1100LMS Parallel Buffers
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersLondon & North Western 1101LNWR Bowen Cooke Buffers
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersLondon & North Western 1102LNWR Webb Buffers
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersLancashire & Yorkshire 1103L&Y Hughes /Hoy Buffers
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersLancashire & Yorkshire 1104L&Y Aspinall Buffers
CoachesComponentsBuffersLancashire & Yorkshire 1105L&Y Coach oval head Buffers
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersLondon & North Western 1106LNWR Whale Buffers
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersGreat North of Scotland 1107GNS Buffers
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersLondon Midland & Scottish 1110LNER Buffers
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersGreat Eastern 1111GER Buffers
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersGreat Western 1120GWR Parallel Buffers
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersGreat Western 1121GWR Churchward Buffers
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersGreat Western 1122GWR Collett Buffers
Locomotives - steamComponentsBuffersSouthern 1130Southern Maunsell Buffers
Locomotives - diesel & electricComponentsBuffersBritish Railways 1140BR Oleo Buffers
WagonsComponentsChassis Fittings% CM100Wagon compensation unit
CoachesComponentsUnderframe components% CM101Coach compensation units
WagonsComponentsChassis Fittings% CM102Narrow gauge compensation units
WagonsComponentsChassis FittingsGreat Western CM1039'0 underframe
WagonsComponents%Great Western CM104Scratch builder wagon detailing kit